Proficiency Based Graduation Requirement (PBGR) Course And Project

The PBGR course is an English class that focuses on college and career readiness. The goal of this class is to prepare students for the next steps after RINI. Students complete assignments such as their college essay, resume, create a LinkedIn profile, as well as improving writing and grammar skills.

One main component of this class is the 12 Plus Project. This project is a year-long, research based project that is required by the Rhode Island Department of Education. Every student in the state of Rhode Island has to complete a project like RINI’s. Our PBGR project focuses on the steps to the Nursing Process to solve a problem in the healthcare field. Students select a topic in healthcare, which they will continue to explore during the year in various ways. Some of the major components include a research paper, product (a hands on component), and a final presentation in front of a panel of judges from the community. All students must complete all graduation required aspects of this course.

Another aspect of the PBGR requirements includes three benchmark assignments in each core subject, three times a year. These benchmarks are a way for students to show their academic growth and will be put together into a comprehensive portfolio which will showcase their work.

If you would like any additional information about the 12 Plus Project, PBGR course, or benchmark assignments feel free to contact Kathryn Whaley the PBGR Coordinator at