Binax-NOW COVID -19 Testing in School


● Information about RINI’s BinaxNow Testing Plan will be posted on the webpage. Information will be sent home to families via email from Debra Audette, RN (the school nurse), The Principal’s
Update, the Family Newsletter and posted in the school building.
● Parent/guardian consent for BinaxNow testing will be obtained prior to testing any student.
● Students who have obtained parent permission for testing will be tracked via a Google Sheet.

Test Administration

● All students and staff will undergo BinaxNow testing at least weekly.
● Only asymptomatic students who are participating in in-person learning and with documented parent/guardian consent will be tested.
● Students will be subject to a Wellness Check and test registration prior to the testing.
● Staff and students being tested will “self-swab” their own nostrils and Mrs. Audette or another trained member of the testing team will instruct and observe the individuals “self-swab” to ensure it is done correctly.
● RINI’s BinaxNow Testing Team consists of:
○ Debra Audette, RN – Coordinator
○ Individuals trained by Nurse Audette to assist with RINI’s BinaxNow Testing
● The Testing Coordinator will monitor PPE and Biohazard supplies and coordinate with the Business Office to order additional supplies as needed.
● Any positive results will be reported on the RIDOH BinaxNOW Result Reporting Portal by 12:00 pm on the day of the test.
● If a staff member’s result is positive they will be instructed to go home and follow RIDOH protocol for 10 day isolation,
● If a student’s result is positive they will be instructed to go to the Isolation Room (406). Their parent/guardian will be notified to pick up the student immediately and follow RIDOH protocol for 10 day isolation.
● Contact tracing of any positive cases will be done by the Nurse Audette and the administrative team.

Sign the document below and return the form back to the school if you would like your student to participate. Click the button to download.