Why Support RINIMC?

The RI Department of Labor and Training forecasts that by 2018, over 4,500 nurses will be needed to fill the growing need for nurses and to replace the RNs that will retire or leave the profession. The Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College Charter High School, founded in 2011, is the first charter school in the nation that is dedicated to the nursing profession and the first middle college to be created in Rhode Island. RINIMC responds to the needs of the workforce while providing a viable school-to-career pathway for motivated students who come from  across Rhode Island, representing the state’s ethnic, cultural and economic diversity representing.

The demands of this academic program are much stronger than what students would encounter in a traditional public high school.

The goal of RINIMC is to provide an early foundation in nursing education for high school students who have already chosen to pursue education and careers in nursing and health care. Public school funding pays for some, but not all, of the resources required in delivering this unique educational program. The Nurses Middle College seeks donations to help build and strengthen learning opportunities for our students.

Your donation will provide the social and academic support needed to increase student success and retention. Your donation is appreciated. Please donate today.

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