Student Nurse Leaders

The purpose of the Student Council is to develop student leadership and citizenship. Elected members of the Council work to improve the communication and relationship among students, faculty, and administration at RINI Middle College by promoting a culture of scholarship, positive school morale, and social maturity.

There are three (3) goals for the 2014-2015 Student Council at RINI Middle College.

  1. Create an organized forum for students to express opinions and concerns through elected members, thereby emphasizing the democratic process
  2. Create a culture of scholarship and citizenship by promoting policies that support academic excellence, superior personal conduct, and self-discipline
  3. Create a more positive culture among students by organizing activities that promote school spirit, tolerance, and collaboration

Looking for new ways to get involved at school? The student council is now recruiting new members.Students who are interested in joining the council and becoming the next Nurse leader should contact Ms. Kelly at